Probably the main impetus for me to move to the city is so that I can make friends with people who would actually use cool technology like this with me:

@silas the only problem is that I won't use chrome. Only safari and Firefox. I don't trust the Google. 😂 but fr I don't.

@Er3mos @silas it's chromium based so all of the chrome extensions work on it but no Google software has it's tentacles in it. It's also driven by privacy software that blocks all ads and trackers out of the box

@lezorte @Er3mos I'm a fan of Brave! I also thought that their BAT cryptocurrency for ads was a cool idea. My only issue with it is that we're losing competition in browser technologies. You can choose either Chromium (Chrome, Brave, Edge) or Firefox (with Safari becoming the new neglected Internet Explorer).


@silas @Er3mos I didn't even think of that. But you're right. There's hardly any options anymore.

@lezorte @silas safari is really the only option for ios. Unless you enjoy not being able to change preferred browser.

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