Bible shade 

I was just flipping back through my bible and I’m laughing so hard at this note I made in the margins. I was NOT having it 😂

Weed stuff 

After listening to high @mike on one of the recent episodes, I just feel like it would be so fun to get stoned with Mike. Who agrees? And how do we put together one giant Liturgists stoney bologna hangout?

Anybody else sick? I think I either have step or some kind of virus but either way I’m miserable 🤒

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Remember capitals in hastags for our visually impaired friends.
E.g. if you type text to voice programs may not recognise the words so will spell it out. If you type the two words will be recognised and communicated. It makes it faster for them to read a comment.

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I almost just spit water every where listening to “if it turned out Jesus and God were anti-gay then I’d be like well i’m supporting the uprising of the devil.” @mike a true ally right there 😂

Hate on my recent Bi+ erasure post 

I’ve received some hate for posting a graphic from the Bisexual Resource Center about Bi+ erasure. Thank you, Liturgists friends, for sending messages of support & kindness. I am sorry if my post caused anyone discomfort, or if being subjected to the hateful responses upset anyone. I truly wasn’t expecting those reactions.

With it being , I’m going to look after my own mental health & take a Mastodon break. See you in a few. :bi_pride_heart:

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Yes I cried when showed the pictures from stonewall and Pride flag. Thank you for that @vishnu it helped my heart to see a room full of good people. We’ll be free :heart_pride:

I really need to cry 

But I’m in a public space and will be for the next three hours. I’ve felt so heavy with the result of the UMC conference and current events in general. I just need a break.

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Here is the JJ Warren speech from the UMCGC floor in case anyone is interested: very inspiring and hopeful.

“Tooting” has taken on a whole new meaning for me after the most recent episode of 😂

Trying to open my bible again 

Haven’t opened my bible in God knows how long. I’m longing reconnect with the God of love and the God who seeks justice for the oppressed. The God I know and not the hateful one who’s been handed to me. Where do you recommend I start? Any particular books or verses that stand out to y’all?

CBD oil 

I’ve been having pretty bad insomnia lately and the only thing that’s worked for me are sleeping pills. I’ve tried breathing exercises, meditation, melatonin, and antihistamines as well. I know sleeping pills are not a good solution, so I splurged on some CBD oil today and I’m hoping it’ll provide some relief. Has anyone else experimented with CBD oil? If so, what has your experience been? Has it helped with your sleep?

unstable art bois/womxn/folx are my drug of choice

Rant about Christianity 

I am so done with white, cishet, conservative Christianity. I’m done with those who subscribe to this brand of Christianity, and vehemently deny the instrinsic oppression it is rooted in & thrives on. I don’t think it’s possible to truly love your neighbor while simultaneously partaking in a brand of religion that actively excludes and oppresses your neighbor. I want to be loving and kind toward people I disagree with, but today I’m just straight up angry.

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coming out 

So I am married to a man and just had the realization last October that I am bi. Part of me feels that if I were to come out to my family they would just ask why it was even important to share if I am already married. Like I made my pick and that’s all there is to it. But the other part of me feels like this has been hiding deep inside me for so long and I need to share it. Any suggestions or stories of coming out would be encouraging. This is the only space I currently am “out.”

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