@luke @Charity Hi Charity! I’m so fascinated by EMDR. And a fellow too! 😁

@lindseybell @luke hi Lindsey! I saw that you’re in school for counseling? I would definitely encourage you to get trained in EMDR at some point if it’s available to you!

@Charity I’m planning on doing that once I graduate and get established. I know EMDR can provide so much healing and relief for people with trauma.

@Charity What are some good resources for someone getting started? I’m especially interested in working with trauma and youth

@RyanU you can look at for info on trainings and eligibility. There are tons of trainings around the country, so you should be able to find something near you. I’d also recommend any books by Francine Shapiro, the developer/founder of EMDR, as well as Bessel van der Kolk (especially The Body Keeps the Score).

@Charity @RyanU I just finished a 5day training through EMDR Consulting. I went in super cynical and came out with a new passion. That said, they quote a lot of the original neurological bases that are just not accurate and one of my trainers didn’t know who Wolpe was... still totally worth it and many trainers have discounts for students and interns.

@RyanU @Charity also, if youth is your focus, look up Robbie Adler-Tapia.

@RyanU of course! What kind of Enneagram 5 would I be if I turned away from the opportunity to make myself look vaguely competent by sharing information?

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