Changing Churches 

@Megra3 that's so hard. We're probably going to be doing the same thing soon, but it's so hard since there are people we love at our current church. 😭

spiritual warfare (~) 

@danielkeyes137 I haven't experienced much of it, but I what actually happens. If they are interacting with other people and being told that other people have demons that seems really bad to me.


@JessieGinger yikes, he seems really out of touch. Does he really think the devil just runs around making people gay? This is just really bizarre. I feel really sorry for some of those people responding, especially the ones saying that they are fighting their families. 😒

jen hatmaker criticism 

@joeld I wasn't a fan of that episode either. I liked the "don't panic if you're not a CEO at 25 part". But it still seemed to lean towards "you should eventual be a CEO".

@Abbie are you a nine? I'm curious how 9s feel about it. 😊 I'm a 7 and I love my song 😊

I really liked the seeing white podcast (about race in America), and the unerased podcast (about LGBTQ acceptance in America)

@bduncan @shannon @ValR @danielkeyes137 @hope @Dom We have a local lit friend who isn't on Mastadon, is it ok if I extend an invite to her?

Church (~) 

@Laura_I yeah, soooooo weird. and I'm totally ashamed I didn't even think twice about it until I was going to a lot of baby showers... and then I was like... wait a minute... why are half of the "welcome baby" hallmark cards using a genocide of all mankind motif?

Church (~) 

@Laura_I how we treat Noah's ark is the weirdest. So much baby stuff is Noah's ark themed. Like yay a tiny human, remember that time God killed everyone? I think it's cause there are animals, but it's soooo weird that it's seen as child friendly.

@SandyMatt @jezzy I'd also be interested in the partner group! :trans_heart:

Also yay!!!

@Harrison Tom Douglas is our city chef, and he has some fun restaurants like Serious Pie. Dahlia lounge is his first restaurant and it's nice and it's next to the Dahlia Bakery if you want to get something more snacky.

@Harrison A Seattle eating tradition is going to Ivars on the waterfront. There is an outside togo counter where you can get fish and chips, and also a full sit down restaurant if you want more choices.

@Harrison oh! are you mostly downtown? taking a ferry ride (or taking the water taxi to west seattle) can be fun. Go to Pike Place and eat weird fruit. Get coffee anywhere. I think the space needle is open again so you can go up. We have a Din Tai Fung in Pacific Place and they have really good xiao long bao, decent salt cream tea, and a pretty good shave ice dessert. There is also a Boiling Point downtown if you want to try a personal hot pot. (both of those Restaurants are from Taiwan)

@tjdp are you engaging in battle with a frying pan? πŸ˜‚

@bduncan @shannon if you're still around tomorrow morning were going to brunch if you want to join!

Podcast rec 

@iwappes lol I love them! πŸ˜‚

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I’ve been trying to go back and tag all our episodes that have Rachel in them. You can see them at the link below. If I forgot any, let me know and I’ll update them they appear in this list.

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