Hello y’all! Im so glad to have this new community as I’ve found FB to be rather toxic & Twitter has become almost as bad - lol.

Brief intro:
My name is Daryn and I’m from Southern Illinois (I know, lucky me). I’m married to the love of my life (for almost 28 years now), we have 3 children, 1 son-in-law, 1 granddaughter + 1 on the way. I’m a former youth pastor & associate pastor, along with being a praise team leader, and missions coordinator. I work in the telecommunications industry.

Began “deconstruction” 7 years ago while continuing to be bivocational, and told immediate family about 3 years ago. Best decision of my life as they were starting to do the same. I know focus a lot more on meditation, yoga, and community. We travel to Romania most every summer still but not as missionaries, we go to help with the needs of the people.

I no longer write sermons but poetry in my spare time as well 😂

updated because & ever-changing thoughts 😂
I enjoy coffee, whiskey, stouts, linguistics, sarcasm, diverse musical genres, concerts, poetry, yoga, meditation, nature (obviously anything creative); I believe we all have innate goodness/worth & consider myself to be un-evangelical as I see no need to convert anyone to a certain belief system. I love open discussions about pretty much anything. And I probably post to much - especially while I should be working 🖤✌🏽❤️

@lukelavelle 4w5 & INFP so I want to be known while also being invisible sometimes 😂 oh, the conundrum that MBTI & the Enneagram reveal 🖤✌🏽❤️

@Daryn I feel you. 4w5 here too and it's a wild ride! I haven't done the MBTI yet though.

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