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police violence mention 

Some 50 or so scientists went out in labcoats today to join the protests.

A young protestor gathered us to say that seeing us made him realize it was the scientific method that mentally pulled him through every time the police almost killed him.

I hugged him & told him it was good to get the nerds outside every now and then.

He told me about some lab research he would like to do. I told him that sounded like really important work to do.


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people in louisville, Kentucky are making a move at establishing their own Autonomous Zone.


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I need some Mastodon help please. How do you do a mass DM when you move instances? Cheers 😀

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ukpol action, trans rights 

The sickening stuff reported in the papers yesterday is not happening yet. Here's hoping it's one of those things (like every lockdown measure, eh?) that the government floats in the press to see how we react to it before they decide if they're going to do it.

It's not too late to protect trans rights in the UK like we've seen done in the U.S. today. You can help: write to your MP, even if it seems hopeless. Write to Liz Truss. Suggestions here thekitetrust.org.uk/write-to-y

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i work in the nonprofit sector. most nonprofits are bunk. the ones that actually matter are the small, on-the-ground ones, that usually have few to zero full time staff members, led by Black organizers and activists, led by trans people, led by the communities they actually serve.

so many of the orgs in this donation form are orgs like that.


short of directly redistributing to Black, trans people, this is where your money will actually help. Donate.

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sell me your art 

looking for some cool radical/anarchist posters for my wall and my heart. love forest/ecological themes, bonus points for BIPOC and queer artists

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This would be the perfect time to stop using some form of the word #master as one's title. Banks (in Britain at least) still address boy customers as Master So-and-so, but Mr is just a variation on the same word, and Mrs, Miss and Ms are all derived from the feminine version, Mistress. Even the progressively gender-neutral Mx is only one step further removed.

Until someone offers me the doctorate I so richly deserve, I demand new salutations.

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Scotland voted to end the importation of pepper spray and rubber bullets to the US. Thanks, Scottish comrades.

PS: UK parliament would have to approve this, which isn't likely

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RT @🔒: "this is J.K. Rowling's charity's co-chair-- it's pretty straightforward that as soon as they're done trying to wreck the lives of trans people they'll come for you next" pinknews.co.uk/2020/06/10/baro

I need some Mastodon help please. How do you do a mass DM when you move instances? Cheers 😀

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I just wrote to my MP about this, because the idea that the government discarded the plans they proposed to support trans people because too many trans people responded favourably is................. I don't even know.

RT @catherineelms@twitter.com

Parliament: Reverse the Decision to Scrap the Gender Recognition Act Consultation Results - Sign the Petition! chng.it/fzYkDwTw via @UKChange@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/catherineelms/stat

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The End of Policing 

“The police do not prevent crime. This is one of the best kept secrets of modern life. Experts know it, the police know it, but the public does not know it. Yet the police pretend that they are society’s best defense against crime and continually argue that if they are given more resources, especially personnel, they will be able to protect communities against crime. This is a myth.” Quote from David Bayley, veteran police scholar

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Tired: Scotland leaving the UK

Wired: Scotland running the UK

Inspired: Kicking England out of the UK

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Howie Echo-Hawk (Indigeouns Comedian) at Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone on the whites:
Now for the next little bit though, because I have a message for whites. Many of you are whites. I am a funny person, so it may seem like what I'm saying is jokes but if you're white i don't want you to respond for a little bit. Practice silence. I know that people say "white silence is violence", but god i wish you would shut up.

You think its a joke, but its not a fucking joke. Shut your god damn mouth.

So I woke up today really fucking angry, and I am angry most days. I said I'm not a very hopeful person.

The video of the speech: youtube.com/watch?v=FDvSe91xb-
Their Medium articles: medium.com/@howieechohawk
Their twitter: twitter.com/howieechohawk

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@luminesce Very fuzzy!
Also, I'll have Simon & Garfunkel's ecilia stuck in my head for a while now...

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“To look at people in capitalist society and conclude that human nature is egoism, is like looking at people in a factory where pollution is destroying their lungs and saying that it is human nature to cough.”

— Andrew Collier, Marx: A Beginner’s Guide

#quotes #marxism

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When you go to make breakfast in bed for the two of you, but when you come back to bed with breakfast, someone has taken your place

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