As we get ready to bid farewell to the band Gungor, this is my

Before I met @vishnu, my entire understanding of Gungor was the song Beautiful Things, which I new because I'd played it at church. I remember thinking the song was too textured to be a Christian song, and the lyrics were thoughtful and stuck with me.

After I met @vishnu, I went through the catalog and found it compelling, but it didn't fit the reference frame I was in with the Divine. That changed with I Am Mountain and Vapor in a big way--that's the first record that made me feel like there was music for people like me.

That continued (and intensified) with One Wild Life--which is basically a psychedelic trip transformed into music.

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Sometimes, it's strange for me being friends with this wonderful man. He's so freaking talented that it intimidates me if I think about it too much.

Even though we're friends, I think he'd think it's weird how often I listen to the music he and Lisa have made together.

But, if I am honest, no music has been as influential or impactful in my life in the last few years than Gungor, and I will be sad to see the project come to its natural conclusion.

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@mike short version: I became a pre-release subscriber to the OWL trilogy mostly a whim. I don’t know what to call that but Divine. I had just been kicked out of a Christian cult, and my mom became terminally ill with months to live. Those albums, coming out one by one over the year saved most of what was left of me. They became a place to rest (as did the Liturgits which i’d been listening to for a bit) and a place to grieve and a place to have joy.


@mike I came to the Lost and Found evening y’all did in LA many moons ago, right before my mom died and I moved out of California back to my home state. My whole body shook for hours after I left. I had believed for so, so long to the core of my being that there was no place left for me, and then, there it was: a small place for me. You all (and this group of humans) have really become my family, which I hope isn’t weird and I’m sure many people relate to.

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