A positive update, 1/3

I not only survived my academic quarter, I finished it with all 4.0s/As in every class. I’ll be starting my last year of undergrad in the fall, but starting next Monday will be beginning my senior capstone.

I kept going, stayed alive, asked for help a thousand and one times, and feel abundantly grateful for all of y’all’s interactions with me over the last 10 weeks or so. It’s been a mess, and an incredibly scary mess, but I’m slowly but surely clawing my way through.

The best thing I did for myself this last quarter was to listen to myself and my needs and pull out of therapy which wasn’t helpful (and had gotten harmful). This feels weird, because I always say how much I believe in therapy, but I think what I mean to say is that I believe in *good* and *helpful* therapy.

In other news I’m the most likely candidate to manage the research lab I’m a part of for 2019-2020 school year and this makes me SO EXCITED! The lab is a profound gift to me.

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I have an appointment next Tuesday with a clinical neuropsychologist that I’ve been on a waitlist to see for 8 months. I have a lot of feelings about this, namely anxiety and trepidation. I so hope it’s good and helpful.

A few weeks ago, one night, one phone call, changed my life in a positive way. I’m going to leave it at that, but say that people need other people and I am deeply in awe of the experiential knowledge of healing in affiliation to others.


@madisonlmc I hope your appointment goes well too! It takes a lot of courage to keep trying new things when you've had some hard experiences with therapy in the past, but I'm so glad you are healing and feeling able to move forward. 💛 and congratulations on the GPA! That's impressive even without considering all you were going through. :)

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