navel gazing about gender, dysphoria but mild 

In the course of my gender's fluidity, I sometimes get the sense that I should have breasts. But I also simultaneously get the feeling (almost without exception) that if I did have them I'd be wearing a binder. And I just don't know what to make of that.

navel gazing about gender 

I've also been thinking about what feels like an accurate label/name for my gender, and I'm not sure yet. (which is fine, I'm not stressing it, it's just interesting to think about.) Like both nonbinary and genderfluid feel like accurate descriptors for what my gender is, but neither _is_ my gender. Not even totally confident I like calling myself an enby (though its a super cute word). Right now what feels the closest to right is genderqueer. Or maybe even just queer.

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navel gazing about gender 

@nat oooo this is all v interesting to me as I heal more and become myself more and do a lot of navel gazing about gender myself (and how I certainly feel enby-esque and have recently realized I probably always have??? I feel like an alien tbh. Like checking another box. Fluid sort of covers it. Or maybe I just like looking androgynous and like a formless human? I digress. Thank you for sharing your questions and questions, I feel it.

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