Romantic and sexual attraction are not the only types of attraction.

I'm asexual and aromantic but I'm still attracted to people. It happens.

Different types of attraction can and do overlap, but romantic and sexual attraction are definitely not all there is.


@Laura_I aesthetic attraction is certainly a thing (among other types of attraction)! I’m ace and panromantic af and constantly falling in love with the essence of people. I’m attracted to...their essence? How woowoo of me hahaa. I also find some people so aesthetically attractive it’s fascinating and captivating and I want to stare at them and take in every detail. All this to say: I feel this. There’s much more than sexual and romantic attraction.

@madisonlmc Yeah, this. It seems like most people experience that sort of attraction but lump it in with other stuff.

It seems to me that it's some deeper attraction than romantic or sexual that leads to lasting relationships, but I'm not an expert on those experiences in any way. That's just how it appears to me.

Also pretty much most of what I've labelled attraction was just aesthetic attraction. Though I didn't recognize that I felt it more about girls than guys

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