@Laura_I I do hear it’s quite amazing. There’s no one anywhere near me that does it (I’m in the land of bad CBT practitioners) but if you can find someone nearby you who does AEDP it might be way worth it to look into it!

@madisonlmc Yeah not a CBT fan. Or any behavioural therapy I think.

It's not my behavior that needs help, it's my trauma


CBT, behavior, trauma 

with that, I think my behavior is most definitely influenced and intertwined with my trauma, and that’s there’s no true way to separate the two, but the key to me is that if I ignore my trauma forever and only stare at my behavior I’m probably just going to get better at enforcing my shame.

CBT, behavior, trauma 

@madisonlmc Yeah, I think behavior is just more often the effect, not the cause. And it makes a lot more sense to treat the cause

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