A small update: taking courageous steps everyday. Signed up for studio hours at a ceramics studio and I feel like I got a massive part of myself back. I’m nearing finals and being able to see my checklist go down is a relief. I stopped going to therapy and it’s been massively helpful (it’s okay to listen to your body when it says it needs to take breaks; do consult with your therapist about this). Depending relationships. Breathing. Slowly, but surely, crawling out of the hole of despair.

Spending some much needed time with my tablet tonight and drew up this little thing. Thinking a lot about kindness lately, and being on the receiving end of it and not knowing what to do (all the while being incredibly grateful).

Image description: digital artwork with cursive lettering that fits within a circle which reads “it is marvelous to be shattered by kindness” - Tennessee Williams

Hi all! I enjoy a great deal doing hand lettering in my “down time” but have found myself quickly running out of quotes/poems/words/etc.

SO: send me your quotes/poems/words you enjoy if you’d like, I might just make something out of them you can use for a phone background or just to gaze upon 😂💛

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