@nat I adore “Special”. It’s 8 episodes but only a total of around 2 hours total.

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CBT, behavior, trauma 


@Laura_I I do hear it’s quite amazing. There’s no one anywhere near me that does it (I’m in the land of bad CBT practitioners) but if you can find someone nearby you who does AEDP it might be way worth it to look into it!

@Laura_I aesthetic attraction is certainly a thing (among other types of attraction)! I’m ace and panromantic af and constantly falling in love with the essence of people. I’m attracted to...their essence? How woowoo of me hahaa. I also find some people so aesthetically attractive it’s fascinating and captivating and I want to stare at them and take in every detail. All this to say: I feel this. There’s much more than sexual and romantic attraction.

A question for academics! Feel free to boost to the outside world 😂

I’m planning on taking the GRE no later than October which means I need to start studying ASAP!

So my question is: how? 😂 Did you fork over the hundreds of dollars for the official online practice tests? Or fork over a smaller amount of hundreds for books? Or try to borrow books from gracious friends? Help a first gen college student out. This girl is lost.

@martaparta me being autistic and one ofmy best friend having adhd, our conversations are a mess or long pauses and talking over each other 😂 it’s hard for me to know when to talk, and he’s pretty impulsive when he’s talking, so it’s all wonderful chaos.

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Today's gender is contentment and the sound of an orchestra tuning.

@mattlaff @mike I am SO IN LOVE 100%. Brings me back to my days on forums where I got my first taste of “people like me exist oh my goodness!”

@ashleybc33 I totally agree that what we post on social media matters, and I completely agree that hiding behind anonymity is a huge issue which I do see lead to people not being held accountable, I’m still a bit unclear as to how that correlates with someone being allowed to be employed. It sounds like this person was really harmful and rude to you which is not excusable, and I’m sorry someone came at you in that way.

@ashleybc33 I’m not sure of the context here, but can I ask why you stated that cuss words in a twitter handle means that someone shouldn’t be employed? I’m just a bit confused as to what you’re referring to. While I don’t think it’s professional to have certain words in a Twitter handle, assuming this isn’t a profession or business account you were referring to, I’m curious what your thoughts are about this.

navel gazing about gender 

@mattlaff a bit late to reply, but my day has been quite lovely! Went to an art fair, made art with my sister, and now I’m back at my friend’s apartment that I’m staying at for a few days to take care of her cat while she’s away. I also only set off the house alarm once so I’m doing pretty good so far 😂

A short toot to thank the internet for having spaces where I’m not on the outside. The community of a/Autistics online that I’m new to has offered me such a expansive, cushioned place to rest on top of the already lovely Liturgists community that I’ve been interacting with for years, and it all has me feeling all sorts of gratitude.

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