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GOOD NEWS: I am eating a healthy, plant-based diet and my health is improving.

BAD NEWS: I am only able to do this because neither me nor my spouse works outside the home.

We’re able to push back against the HORRIBLE food system in this country by spending hours per day planning and preparing meals.

The Body Keeps the Score book is changing my life........ anyone else familiar with it?

I'm good before the meal but during the meal I completely lose focus, exhibit A is tooting while eating

Mindful eating is one of my biggest mindfulness challenges yet.

Woke up early on an extra day off work. It feels so good to have nowhere to be today 🙌

Do any STL lits want to get together to watch Stanley Cup games???

I hope this food got hot enough to kill any weird 7 day leftover bacteria !!!

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@mike: Wait... 1700 words per minute????? Holy shit!!!! That's crazy!

I have a major crush on my next door neighbor 😭😭😭

May all beings remember their fundamental goodness today

booze and profanity 

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Shoutout to all my people who are alienated from their moms on this mother’s day. I see you. I’m with you. You’re doing your best. Let go of the shame telling you that you’re a bad person just because you had no other choice.

Feeling a combination of dread and giddiness about going to a Catholic mass with my mom for mothers day.

Yesterday, I had a patient's wife say "you seem like you love the Lord" and gave me a little Jesus booklet. How would you respond to that?

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So I dedicate mornings to slowing down, barefoot walks in the grass, being with my dog, tasting, smelling, and hearing as much as possible. I'm finding ground within, and I feel so much joy in that. Thank you body.

It feels like I'm losing ground at work. Employees quit, no one able to cover shifts but me, had to cancel plans, and I haven't done any work related to my actual job all week. Also feeling like I'm not spending enough time with my dog, friends, etc.

When the ground falls out from under me, all I'm left with is the present moment lived in this body.

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Thinking of the grief that is coming up for many of us because of Rachel's death. May we all grieve well- grief has no stages or trajectory. And then when we are ready take up the work that she started. Love you all.

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