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Another smashy happy post 

Sunday matcha.

-1/4c almond flour
-Generous pinch of kosher salt
-1/2 medjool date
-1/2 tsp good matcha
-2c boiling water

Blend all ingredients together for a minute or two. Serve in your favorite glass.
Enjoy thoughtfully.

Soul crushing happiness 

Children cussing 


My littles are taking over the rainy day skate park with their bikes. Podcast listening and French press for me.

Lots of feelings happening this week. They won't kill me right?

Wintered over carrots. Love those spring surprises.
Going to roast these babies up REAL good.

First gluten-free pie going into the oven. Wish me luck!


Take a breath with me.
We are reminded of the life that flows through us with every breath we take.
We collectively breath together as a body.
Fill us with gratitude for this life that we live and let us not take for granted the moments that are given to us with each passing day.
Challenge our hearts with your steadfastness and encourage us with your strength.
Remind us as we breath that you are the reason we live.

On the worship team this week at church. Staying on the team(because music!), but it has its difficult moments. I'm slotted to do the 'prayer' during worship as one of the co-leaders. I have not prayed out loud in quite some time, and also having concerns because my beliefs don't completely line up with their statement of faith. I'm tired of all the 'dear Lord, father god, baby jesus, give us ears to hear' prayers that happen. Should I do the prayer or let someone else do it?

If, she said, you do choose to step into the room
I must remind you, you will never be the same
Not forgotten will be all the little childish things that roam around your baffled brain
But yes, you will grow up.
Do you wish to proceed?
Her stark white coat perplexed me for a moment.
Wouldn't it be better in a place like this to have a splash of color?
I looked down at my hands and stared at the freckle on my ring finger.
Alright, I said, I wish to proceed.

---feelings on growing up tonight.

Does anyone else have a past blog with a bunch of religious themed posts? Going through old archives, and they are making me physically wince. Who was that person in 2013?

Sitting in a comfortable spot post-deconstruction. Happier and healthier than I've ever been.

If you were to run into me in real life, I'd probably be sporting a bright red lip and have my two little ducklings following me around the library. Homeschooling kindergarten and preschool this year. Learning electric guitar and working on an album.
My shares will either be highly poetic or extremely snarky.
Toot to you!

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