Going through a divorce. life is a sandstorm.
Please send love and encouragement.

Has anyone experienced a deconstruction of marriage after deconstruction of faith?

Has anyone experienced having a 'trauma bonded' relationship with a caregiver? How did/are you working through this in current relationships?

My brother is teaching me how to skateboard...almost 30 and just now doing things I probably should have been doing 15 years ago. Does anyone else feel this way?

Let me remind you to just breath. Yes, everything might feel chaotic and fast as summer races to the end. Slow down your soul, and show up for the sunset.

There is a pocket of flowers at every turn.
So enjoy their fleeting beauty with everything that you have.

I don't know what I would do without my elderly friends. They have changed my life in so many ways and opened up so many new ideas. Embrace those wise secular people. Don't be afraid of them.
They will most likely teach you how to garden better and give you practical advice on your love life. The wisdom doesn't run out.

Parenting, sickness 

This past week has been extremely overwhelming for me. From having a child throw up outside a posh local grocery store, another child sick for four days(missed the fireworks poor thing), to so much stress the past few weeks I am beat up. Trying to stay positive even though I've now been feeling ill. Feels like a never ending battle this one. Prayers, good thoughts, positivity invited!

Sunday matcha.

-1/4c almond flour
-Generous pinch of kosher salt
-1/2 medjool date
-1/2 tsp good matcha
-2c boiling water

Blend all ingredients together for a minute or two. Serve in your favorite glass.
Enjoy thoughtfully.

Soul crushing happiness 

My day was filled to the brim with ten kiddos, lots of adventuring, and so much happiness watching them be happy. A stranger on the train home offered me a strawberry and I have to say my heart just might have exploded a bit.
So happy to get to experience today.

Children cussing 

My children are constantly cussing me out throughout the day. I am 'fucking mommy' when they are mad and sad. I do not cuss at them and never have. They have not realized what they are doing, but know that the word has some sort of gravity. I try not to react and keep calm when this is happening. Any ideas on how to lovingly parent them through this?


Could it be that reconstruction of our beliefs is what Jesus calls being 'born again'?

My littles are taking over the rainy day skate park with their bikes. Podcast listening and French press for me.

Lots of feelings happening this week. They won't kill me right?

Wintered over carrots. Love those spring surprises.
Going to roast these babies up REAL good.


Take a breath with me.
We are reminded of the life that flows through us with every breath we take.
We collectively breath together as a body.
Fill us with gratitude for this life that we live and let us not take for granted the moments that are given to us with each passing day.
Challenge our hearts with your steadfastness and encourage us with your strength.
Remind us as we breath that you are the reason we live.

On the worship team this week at church. Staying on the team(because music!), but it has its difficult moments. I'm slotted to do the 'prayer' during worship as one of the co-leaders. I have not prayed out loud in quite some time, and also having concerns because my beliefs don't completely line up with their statement of faith. I'm tired of all the 'dear Lord, father god, baby jesus, give us ears to hear' prayers that happen. Should I do the prayer or let someone else do it?

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