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I’m late to the since my counterphobic 6 side tells me not to not do what everyone else is...

I’m an Aussie living in Canada which I hold in tension. I grew up a Christian, and maybe I still am. I’m interested in equality in all forms of society which translates into an interest in , , , rights, and critiques of the media and power structures. I like the , , alternative and my two kids + better half

so I've been meditating for a bit over 2 months now. and have recently convinced my wife to join me in the endeavour and she's enjoying it also.

yesterday at church a show of hands indicated that approx 1/3 of the people have done meditation, and then we did a very short group session.

seems like there is quite a cultural shift around the topic.

happy to be part of the bandwagon on this one. so much more/less to learn.

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A follow request thread for privacy-conscious users 🔐

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Boosts welcomed.

@Melissa haha, good luck. I resigned myself to the fact long ago that I am a night owl and mornings do not agree with me. especially with two young kids. hope it works out for you!

does anyone recall the approx time in the recent Richard Rohr podcast where he speaks about the Wilber idea of 'transcend and include' and flipping it to be 'include and transcend' ?

the other night after listening to the 'what is god?' episode, I had an experience of being loved whilst meditating. it showed up out of nowhere and immediately I thought "was that god speaking to me?" then I immediately wrote it off as me speaking to me.

then I thought "what if I'm god speaking to me?" and all of a sudden it all made sense and felt comforting again.

thanks Vish/#buddhist6

was very excited to receive @vishnu 's book THIS in kindle form this morning. can't wait to get stuck into it.

also can't believe I'm at the point in my life where I am excited for a book-launch.

I finished reading Living Buddha, Living Christ and it was phenomenal. I really liked the parallels drawn between the buddha/christ. felt very wholesome and positive.

any further recommendations about a universal nature of spirituality?

I might try some Merton after Suzuki and THIS

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@mike In case no one had made it yet. Also this is literally the first gif I've ever made - very happy you could be a part of it. But actually your conversation with @hillarymcbride was truly beautiful.

has anyone thought about comparing @vishnu 's work with THIS to spiral dynamics?

I've been thoroughly enjoying his work so far and my new perspectives, but it's exhausting and mind altering to read and bring on new ideas as you hold on but transcend the old ones.

I haven't looked into spiral dynamics in a long time, but I'm thinking the shift for me personally may be from green to yellow. which coincidentally is the second tier.

any others with experiences/thoughts on this/THIS?

"One day as I was about to step on a dry leaf, I saw the leaf in the ultimate dimension. I saw that it was not really dead, but that it was merging with the moist soil in order to appear on the tree the following spring in another form. I smiled at the leaf and said, “You are pretending.” Everything is pretending to be born and pretending to die, including that leaf."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

yesterday, our church talked about how substitutionary atonement and original sin are problematic and makes us feel guilt ridden and negative all of the time.

this is something I dropped out of my worldview a while ago, and has been very refreshing/helpful for me.

if you are considering it's usefulness/implications, I thoroughly encourage you on this journey!

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After deconstruction, I struggled to find the right "label" for myself for years. Who was I? I finally settled on two concepts: 1) No label encompasses me and I will no longer limit myself with labels of any kind. 2) When people ask me if I am Christian / Buddhist / Republican / Democrat etc, my response is "That is up to you to decide - and whatever you decide is fine by me." So label away if you are most comfortable with a short-hand version of life. I prefer the un-cut version.

@Ricci @thegreendragon i think in general you are totally right.

lucky for you re: husby. with men I part of the problem is that most men are typically more hairy all over, so to fully shave one area makes you look like a show-poodle so you're committed to the whole thing. also, culture and history of men not taking as much care of appearance, etc etc etc,.

maybe someone with better (or any) knowledge of hebrew can correct me on this.

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TIL that the original Hebrew word for the holy spirit is Ruach, which is a feminine gender.

Only in the german/french style of assigning genders to all objects, and obviously the holy spirit doesn't have a proper gender of it's own. But still a nice little perspective shift.

Confession Time: What have you done in the name of social progress/science that felt good at the time, but in hindsight wasn't helpful?

Today, someone asked me about our local politician who is outing kids to their parents when they join a GSA. It's abhorrent and I said that the politician should piss up a rope. It was funny (and I still believe he should) but not helpful when it comes to creating positive discourse amongst those who don't understand the importance of GSA's.

anyone else?

oh hai @jimmy
I saw your profile and was thinking "this guy seems a lot like my mate from adelaide.....oh wait...."

haha. welcome. nice place we have here.

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Coworker: hey look at this article about exercise and mortality

Me: 1. Who wrote this shit...

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Richard Rohr is literally the only (living) person that makes me want to still be a Christian

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