@melissarsummers nice to meet you! a gay former husband - what was that like for you as he came out?

I'm bold and to the point, sorry about that. sounds like an interesting experience if you'd care to share?

@melissarsummers I didn't want to make this about me or him. but it explains why I was so interested in your tags and your experience with this situation.

i'm glad that you're both in a better place now. breathe easy and free :)

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@markjperkins how much time do you have? I actually knew he was gay before we got married or as we called it at the time “same sex attracted”. I was his best friend, and I was in love with him...and we thought it would all be ok! But it wasn’t. His loneliness/depression etc was fierce...and I didn’t know. Well I did. Deep down I felt he wasn’t connected to me like I was to him.

@markjperkins our faith changed( I was holding on so tightly to my beliefs about sexuality because I was afraid I would loose my marriage) and we realized the most loving thing was to let each other free. So he could be himself and find love and connection in the way he was made to experience it and I could be with someone who was connected to me and attracted to me in the way I was to them.

@markjperkins It’s not been easy ....lots of grief, reframing relationships, disowning from family, and just lots of change in general! And exhaustion...I’m fucking exhausted. But my former husband is healthy and happy and our kiddos will get to see their dad be all of who he hiding!

@markjperkins I hope your friend is doing former husband was suicidal...almost lost him twice.

I have no idea honestly. Maybe he is straight and was mistaken about his identity all along. I hope so too!

Very glad your ex is doing better now. I don't wish that experience on anyone. Your story gives me hope though that it can work out in the end

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