anyone here a fan of Current Affairs and Nathan J Robinson? I definitely have a man-crush on him

@markjperkins lots of love for Current Affairs and Nathan Robinson, crazy smart crew over there

@boxian glad to hear it :D
theyre so switched on I don't even know where to begin

@markjperkins the long form systematic dismantlings of JBP and Shapiro and Harris are the pieces I link the most, but I am unsure if they’re read tbh :P

@boxian haha. I've linked the JBP one. but like you say it's hard to find people that are smart enough to question these pop figures, that are also happy to read the takedown pieces. I know that Chomsky links the JBP one to people who ask him his opinion, haha

I also like the podcast, but given me being non-US it can be a bit US centric sometimes. like all of their content if I'm honest. but still love it.

glad to meet another fan in the wild :)

@boxian oooh, no. i had not heard of them. an Aussie socialist podcast sounds great :)

@markjperkins i thought I had a second one bookmarked, but can’t find it at the moment. I’ll look around again and see if I can tho.

@boxian I am so confused. itunes says its spanish hardcore and has 2 eps?

@markjperkins i am very foolish and typed out the image they use instead of the title. It is called “Living the Dream” lmao

@markjperkins I hardly ever see logo text that isn’t...a logo lol. First time for everything

@markjperkins their podcast is a delight, there is a clear love of radio and an radio-drama vibe crossed with a deep interview show. Very good quality

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