Confession Time: What have you done in the name of social progress/science that felt good at the time, but in hindsight wasn't helpful?

Today, someone asked me about our local politician who is outing kids to their parents when they join a GSA. It's abhorrent and I said that the politician should piss up a rope. It was funny (and I still believe he should) but not helpful when it comes to creating positive discourse amongst those who don't understand the importance of GSA's.

anyone else?

@markjperkins I have no idea what GSA is 🤔 . To answer your question I was involved in a protest during a non-violence retreat I attended here in Adelaide that Jesuit Priest John Dear ran. Some of us atendees went down to the area where a bunch of defense manufacturers headquarters are and did some chalking & general activist type songs. I wasn't totally onboard then but now it just seems embarrassing to think about.

@jimmy Gay-Straight Alliance. They're groups at high schools that people often join if they are queer or think they might be. it's a way to get support from peers during troubling times of understanding sexuality. some people want the school to tell the parents if their kids join these groups.

your situation doesn't sound very bad at all!

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