has anyone thought about comparing @vishnu 's work with THIS to spiral dynamics?

I've been thoroughly enjoying his work so far and my new perspectives, but it's exhausting and mind altering to read and bring on new ideas as you hold on but transcend the old ones.

I haven't looked into spiral dynamics in a long time, but I'm thinking the shift for me personally may be from green to yellow. which coincidentally is the second tier.

any others with experiences/thoughts on this/THIS?

@markjperkins @vishnu I know nothing about spiral dynamics but have had several people encourage me to learn about it. Besides the Liturgists episode on it(which I haven’t listened to yet) do you have any recs of resources for learning more about spiral dynamics????


@melissarsummers @vishnu
I self admit that I've not had much exposure besides the episode about it. well, that and Google. this site below seems quite good though. personally I've been interested in equality and social justice for a while which appears to be quite green. and now being interested in the self/buddhism am wondering if this is yellow behaviour (the phases alternate between group and individualistic focus). maybe i'm wrong since I dont know tons about it


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