I finished reading Living Buddha, Living Christ and it was phenomenal. I really liked the parallels drawn between the buddha/christ. felt very wholesome and positive.

any further recommendations about a universal nature of spirituality?

I might try some Merton after Suzuki and THIS

@markjperkins My brother is a big fan of Thich Nhat Hanh so I'm reading some of his books lately. I wasn't aware of the existance of this book yet, thank you for recommanding it. It goes on the list of books I would buy if I had money.

@Corina it seems like he is a prolific author with over 100 books, so I'm not sure where to start next. this book is 20 years old now. so I guess i'm late to the party

plenty of ways to get books for cheap/free. if you have a library card you may be able to do Overdrive.com. or PM me

@markjperkins the only one i've read so far is 'The long road turns to joy : a guide to walking meditation'. Because of my chronic pain every single step hurts, but his breathing and meditating tips actually helped me to walk some more/easier. Now I'm reading The miracle of mindfulness. I just grabbed everything I saw with his name in the local library :)


@Corina i've also heard good things about miracle of mindfulness. glad that his book has helped you walk a bit. thats pretty huge

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