Anyone using @pixelfed? I’m @danielmrose on the instance. Join me!


@danielmrose @pixelfed

honestly I have no idea what and how pixelfed really works, but I am here:

@markjperkins just followed you from here. The whole federated Instagram kind of thin is nifty. @pixelfed

@danielmrose I wish it was more intuitive. I follow you here, and see that you're following me on pixelfed, but when I click your name there to follow you there it send me back here. then I get 2 seconds into trying to figure out whats going on and I stop caring and give up. I just put it down to the pains of being a geeky and non-silicon valley product

@markjperkins me too. I don't think it's got it's totally federated yet. For instance, I'm at @danielmrose but it only shows one image on the timeline. Also I can't follow other users from other instances from so that's frustrating. It's still in its infancy.

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