I finished reading Living Buddha, Living Christ and it was phenomenal. I really liked the parallels drawn between the buddha/christ. felt very wholesome and positive.

any further recommendations about a universal nature of spirituality?

I might try some Merton after Suzuki and THIS

@Ricci @thegreendragon i think in general you are totally right.

lucky for you re: husby. with men I part of the problem is that most men are typically more hairy all over, so to fully shave one area makes you look like a show-poodle so you're committed to the whole thing. also, culture and history of men not taking as much care of appearance, etc etc etc,.

anybody digging the new Copeland album, Blushing?

very dreamy and atmospheric and chill. really like it. is quickly becoming my fave album of the year

Today I got a vegemite care package from back home in Australia. it arrived all damp and ripped. but the vegemite is still in tact, so that's nice

Anyone spent much time thinking about the impact of capitalism on POC and minorities? I've always admired MLK Jr but never knew his views for advocating a better economic system. This seems to me to be the basis of so many problems that's often (conveniently?) overlooked by MLK supporters

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