@steven quitting FB has been great for me. left over a year ago, have not regretted it one bit. agreed with your thoughts

@maryg987 thanks for this. american "healthcare" is so fucked up

so I've been meditating for a bit over 2 months now. and have recently convinced my wife to join me in the endeavour and she's enjoying it also.

yesterday at church a show of hands indicated that approx 1/3 of the people have done meditation, and then we did a very short group session.

seems like there is quite a cultural shift around the topic.

happy to be part of the bandwagon on this one. so much more/less to learn.

@giddie friday was looking so good today, then I read this :(

@Daryn :D

I like his style of speaking. I've also been dipping my toe in Ram Dass, but he hasn't grabbed me quite as much.....yet!

@Daryn ah sweet!

I got The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching and Old Path White Clouds. will start.....one of them, soon. gotta finish a few podcasts on Panenthism and read an Alan Watts book, then I'll get to TNH after that!

@Daryn sweet, thanks for the summary. sounds good, but at this point more interested in a few of the buddhist basics and non-dual, integral type thoughts. so maybe I'll come back to this one later. i'll let you know what I read, give me your thoughts when you're done yours.

@Daryn sweet, let me know how No Mud is,

what was the premise of Anger - Fear ?

@Daryn Living Buddha Living Christ

what have you read and your thoughts on them?

@Daryn i've only read one of his books, but I need to read more. always has good quotes

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@danielmrose I wish it was more intuitive. I follow you here, and see that you're following me on pixelfed, but when I click your name there to follow you there it send me back here. then I get 2 seconds into trying to figure out whats going on and I stop caring and give up. I just put it down to the pains of being a geeky and non-silicon valley product

Selfie ec. Feeling bashful! 

@JosiahRA well, I love formula1 and think that Magnussen is a handsome fella with great hair, so I guess that makes two of you now!

@vishnu getting a new THIS podcast is the highlight of my week and I really enjoyed this episode as well. definitely an episode I will re-listen to and think about for a while to come. the production value as always is impressive, especially considering your low listener count. I wish I had something smarter to say in response. still digesting it obviously.

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