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Selfie ec. Feeling bashful! 

@JosiahRA you remind me of Formula 1 driver Kevin Magnussen

enneagram- straight Christian males and the problem 

@Ricci you get it

@conrad @Noelioli ah, then yeah I could see that interpretation. I don't like the continual calls for stuff to be cancelled either, but I also see that things need to be changed in some areas, and that won't be done unless someone speaks out.

with everyone talking about Enneagram these days, I still find more help and usefulness in spiral dynamics. seems like I'm the odd one out though!

@maz have not read the book but have listened to a podcast with him. I also quote the 'rat heaven' study a fair bit. interesting stuff.

Poll: Reza Aslan’s controversial tweet suggesting violence 

@RobertFrancis my recent re-exposure to him was the Pete Holmes podcast and a video posted here a few weeks ago. I'm enjoying a fresh take from him on the historical aspect. forgot he was on the recent liturgists episode tbh, but that was cool also.

Poll: Reza Aslan’s controversial tweet suggesting violence 

@RobertFrancis I've started to familiarise myself with his work lately and am enjoying it. I guess I just don't understand why people care enough to have an opinion about a tweet?

@Melissa haha, good luck. I resigned myself to the fact long ago that I am a night owl and mornings do not agree with me. especially with two young kids. hope it works out for you!

@pjbroadwick I wonder myself.

one take away from the episode I found interesting was a Filipino woman who said that even though she had guidelines to follow, she was a devout catholic and allowed her faith to dictate what she allowed/denied on the site on a regular basis, rather than the rules.

so if you protest and say it's artistic and not sex, they might think you're lying to them and can't prove your case. especially if it looks like sex to an untrained moderator, or a child's eye.


sorry to hear your frustrations. have you listened to the Radiolab episode all about facbeook and censorship? it was quite enlightening and might help provide some context for you in this situation.

my take away from it is that all of these decisions are outsourced to people in Asia who have about 7 seconds to determine a yay/nay decision based on guidelines they have been given. and even then the guidelines are blurry and don't allow for context

does anyone recall the approx time in the recent Richard Rohr podcast where he speaks about the Wilber idea of 'transcend and include' and flipping it to be 'include and transcend' ?

@joeld not quite the same but last week I was SUPER sick with a horrific cold. throat so sore I could barely talk. coughing up disgusting coloured phlegm for days. I had this hike planned and drove 3 days to Oregon from canada. Was very excited for the mountain, but was dreading the trip because I felt like shit. still went and had an amazing time. figured I would remember the mountain but not the sickness. very glad I made that decision and didn't cancel before hand. a bit different maybe...?

GOT Spoilers 

@MichaelWilson I also don't think it came out of nowhere. She burned both Varys and Sam's family prior to this. her turn did feel a little rushed, but certainly by no means out of the blue

Game Of Thrones (Spoilers) 

@JacobTeasdale I kinda felt a bit lackluster about it also. I was happy with the idea of a happy ending, but the bran thing didnt feel right or earned by him. or really make any sense since he's done nothing to contribute for numerous seasons. john being cast out made not much sense since the unsullied left. and he got no 'reward' for doing the right thing. and his rightful heir thing meant nothing in the end. bit of a shame. I hope GRRM finishes his books one day...

@MicahJS @OpenMoose @craigscottroberts @Krismsheedy @rebekahcrabs @conrad @sound uuugh. yep. of all the things for people to worry about. probably one of the reasons I would never tell certain people about what I think. and this is so small compared to loosing a marriage. stay strong Micah. you'll get through this.

Immigration, racism 

@steven bllleeerrrrrgh. disgusting.
I wrote my MLA about climate change and got a reply that basically said "thanks for your concern' and that was all. pretty disappointing. this province often makes me really frustrated

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