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@markjperkins lots of love for Current Affairs and Nathan Robinson, crazy smart crew over there

anyone here a fan of Current Affairs and Nathan J Robinson? I definitely have a man-crush on him

I found this video very helpful and informative. It attempts to explain the way that conservatives think, so that the lefties among us are more prepared when in discussion. Maybe it will be useful for you too

does anyone know/recall what @vishnu said about his new book coming out?

I remember he said it was being sold on tour. but is there a pre-order or something for the rest of us non US peeps?

@melissarsummers I didn't want to make this about me or him. but it explains why I was so interested in your tags and your experience with this situation.

i'm glad that you're both in a better place now. breathe easy and free :)

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thanks so much for sharing. quite an incredible story. well done on doing the tough thing so that you could both be better though. congrats on that! :) I'm sure your kids will see the difference.

I had an acquaintance who I thought was gay, came out, then later went back in and ended up getting married to a woman and having kids.

Obviously it's not my place but it does make me wonder if he changed his mind due to his family (we/he live in a conservative environment) and church expectations

@melissarsummers nice to meet you! a gay former husband - what was that like for you as he came out?

I'm bold and to the point, sorry about that. sounds like an interesting experience if you'd care to share?

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Nonviolence isn't just a philosophy of resistance, it's a way of life. Nonviolence includes the thoughts we have, the words we use, the clothes we wear, the things we eat, the things we do. It's not just the absence of violence, not even just the absence of wanting to cause harm. Nonviolence is a state when your heart is so full of love, compassion, kindness, generosity, and forgiveness that you simply don't have room for anger, frustration, or violence.

-John Dear, They Will Inherit the Earth

TIL that in 628 Muhammad said that christians are to be defended by muslims. muslims should not rob Christians, destroy their churches, make them fight, prevent them from going to churches. they are to be respected and protected.

Christians are Muslims allies and doing anything against them is to act against the prophet.

Also found out that the Vatican and various Muslim scholars have declared that they worship the same God on numerous occasions

thought this was really cool :)

Trying to determine who is likely to change their mind on the issue is really hard.
I feel like so many people act like they have noble/correct intentions in not believing in CC, but in really just don’t want to care about it and it’s easier to decry “fake news” (the worst term ever, btw) and go on with their lives than face an ugly truth that we’re raping the planet.

Am I way off base?


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Isreal, Murder, Death 

Yasser Abu Naja (age 11)
On 29 June, Israeli forces killed Yasser with a shot to the head as he was hiding with two friends behind a bin,approximately 200 m from the separation fence. The children had been chanting national slogans

Wisal Sheikh-Khalil (age 14)
On 14 May, Israeli forces shot Wisal from the Maghazi refugee camp in the head when she was approximately 100 m from the separation fence, after she had approached it several times to hang a Palestinian flag there.

Pacifism is the opposite of cowardice. it's being willing to fight for your values and putting those above the value of your own skin.

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#climatechange #theliturgists 

@markjperkins great question, BTW.

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#climatechange #theliturgists 

2. Power sector accounts for vast majority of emissions.

3. Renewable energy will penetrate the market faster than any energy tech in history, no matter what governments do, due to access & security issues.

So, my friends, from a fuel economist(!): this is not your individual fault for leaving the lights on (altho turn them off 😆).

What we have to do is push our governments to action to BIG regulation of energy, FAST.


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that's an interesting and sobering experience!

laughter is so disarming when used well. and I think in this film there were definitely comedic elements used to display the absurdity of racism. once you see that absurdity, you then see the ending result of racism within our society as all the more horrific in the ending scene - which was juxtaposed so well.

i don't think laughter is bad, but if the films made you and I discuss it, along with what is appropriate, then its done it's job!

got my oscar tips in. I am betting on Black Panther getting snubbed

anybody digging the new Copeland album, Blushing?

very dreamy and atmospheric and chill. really like it. is quickly becoming my fave album of the year

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