@Dan believing that someone in “authority” has the right to speak for God. Was on staff at a large cons evangelical church for 10+ yes. As a woman I wasn’t allowed to teach adult Sunday school because my husband wasn’t teaching w me. I believed “I am under the authority of the person who God put there.” It was hard. But I did it. Then boom new senior pastor came in, fired me and hired his daughter. Church threw my whole fam away. No one cared one iota about our faith and what happened to us

@chriswhill trudging through the mud is (imho) the best way to love a fellow human being. Keep at it brother!

autistic burnout/breakdowns - halp 

@jnclausen you are doing great! You knew exactly what you needed and you took care of yourself. That’s something that I (a nonautstic person) struggle with often. You have been a non working person a lot longer than you have been a working person. Be kind to yourself as you adjust to this very new and different role.

Anti-yoga BS 

@breej0605 🙄 love how they end it with don’t say anything if you disagree with me.

@JamesP77 very brave of you to lean into the vulnerable feeling. Glad you are here

@faithingproject def not marginalized As a white privileged female I struggle with some of the same. I feel like the only way to be authentic right now is to walk alongside people one person at a time asking all along the way if they want help and if so what kind of help would be helpful. Because I am a person of means and privilege I feel like it’s my responsibility to do something and I hope my intent to not be a hero is felt by them

@mike best advice ever. Gong to use it irl all day today!

@Biill so disclaimer I’m not from Chicago so I only know about when we have visited. So that said .....up near Wrigley Field is a delightful area on N Broadway north of Belmont Ave. Lakeview Rewired, Stan’s Donuts and Coffee and the Coffee and Tea Exchange are all great choices. If that’s not an accessible area for your friend I can ask my niece for more suggestions.

@Laura_I says every child in my house every single day that they are here 😂

@Biill it’s tough in the winter. Once the weather breaks there will be lots more options. For now tho how about checking out some of the amazing coffee shops.

@SapphiraOlson this was my experience exactly. Thanks for putting it into words !

New here on this instance all because of @mike

Any suggestions?

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