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who trained me. The liturgists was my lifeline at the time, but it definitely derailed my Christian faith a good and very much needed way! I started going to a new church without my family to do my de/recontruction safely. I don't know if I call myself a Christian right now, but I am still engaging with a very healthy Christian community, continuing the conversations, and exploring other practices that are calling my heart. 2/

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Grew up in a Hispanic Christian Baptist family (with some Jewish orthodox teachings as well, that's a long story though). I soft started my deconstruction around the end of my high school years and went vegan around the same time. My hardcore deconstruction started my sophmore year of college. It was a year into leading in YoungLife and feeling like I was not living authentically. Ironically I found out about the liturgists from the YL Podcast that was hosted by the person 1/

I decided I'm going to finally read through the Narnia series, I'm excite

Hi, want to make friends who like to sing eastern european folk songs

i can't stop watching general tarot card readings help

I deleted my Instagram so I can develop a sense of self that isn't influenced by how people perceive me, but dangit I need an outlet for these cute ass pictures

it me 

anyways, my hair is orange, here is me on a day (yesterday) that i was feeling cute and hipster skater girl-y

today was a being-on-the-verge-of-tears-all-morning kind of morning. but it's the afternoon now so we're all good! lol


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Ec, it me 

I feel so photogenic in this photo, like it could be a professional headshot if it weren’t in a falafel shop

oh well maybe to help me fold my laundry via moral support

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want cute boy for head pats and kisses, nothing else pls

Should I spend more than 30% of my paycheck on a service that I feel certain will help me with my anxiety and confidence? Or should I keep impulsively buying hair dye and tell myself I'm saving money for more important things?

what if i delete instagram and facebook and still find a way to give six hours of my day to some form of social media

hi I'm thinking of deleting my fb, someone hype me up

I also bought myself a cute ass teacup set and decided I am already living my best cottagecore life

life updates: 1) am trying better help and i'm not a fan 2) I bought PMS gummy vitamins 3) I am v hype for double full moon this month, one of them being ON halloween

wassup! idk why i'm here when i know full well that i'm overconsuming content and it is adding to my anxiety and overwhelm! but i like to use this space to yell into the void, where people sometimes hear me

Been sitting on the idea of getting therapy for two years now and thinking about it more now, now I just saw a toot saying to go to therapy, so I guess I should go to therapy

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