Looking for self-identifying witches. Tell me what your practice looks like and what it means to you. (boost if you wanna)

@martaparta me! Although it’s become less important that I identify as a witch as time goes on (as identification with constructs overall becomes less important to me hahaa). Short answer is I engage with tarot a lot and use crystals day to day as a means of mindfully attending to my needs and so on. I used to do a lot of sigil work and more explicit spell work, but most of my spiritual practices have fallen away lately.

@martaparta some days I identify as a witch. It's a label I hold loosely, but keep feeling drawn to. My practice is fairly inconsistent, though I hope to remedy that. A set of crystals have been central to my spiritual practices, and I've dabbled in Tarot, sigils, and trancework. I think what draws me to witchcraft is that it reflects an embodied mysticism that is central to my spirituality. It encourages the sense of how Spirit flows in and through the mundane reality of daily life.


@martaparta with or without the label of "witch", that awareness is the core of my path. Christian theology at its best speaks to this idea as well. It is the essence of the Incarnation; God in flesh; the tearing of the veil between the divine and the human. Witchcraft seems to resonate with this idea in a more grounded, practical way, though, whereas even the best theology can feel stuck in the clouds sometimes.


@martaparta While they're often seen as contradictory, from both sides, I feel like Christianity and witchcraft can really compliment each other.

Thanks for this question. It got me thinking about what being a witch means to me, and I feel more comfortable self-identifying as one.

@sim1 yes, I totally agree. I’ve always been drawn to witches and the more I learn about “real” witches, the more natural my understanding of them becomes. Contemplating both witchcraft and Christian theology help me see more facets of God/the Divine.

@sim1 thanks for answering; this question was low key my way of “coming out” as a witch on this platform, even though I have no idea what that looks like for me yet

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