I’m so bad at giving gifts, like I never plan early enough and end up putting together half assed gifts last minute. And like it’s not like I’m not thinking about this person early enough, I’m just really bad at executing.

@martaparta I feel that!
When I’ve been friends with someone long enough they generally learn that they get a casual gift for normal human gift occasions, and on a random Tuesday they will get a really cool gift just because I found it and thought of them.
I guess some people do that and save those gifts for an occasion? But I’m impatient so they get it right away. 😆

@winter oh my friend does that! It makes me feel terrible, like I don’t see things and think of people immediately. Or I’ll say to myself that I’ll buy it closer to the day and then forget. Ugh

@winter I think it’s a skill, and it’s one I want to get better at

@martaparta I’m like that too. I’ve been trying to get better at it too. I’ve found keeping lists on my phone helps. I think of something and I go “oh! They would totally appreciate that”. But then I don’t get it and they’re birthday or whatever comes and goes and I forget what it was that I thought of in the first place. But with a list I can write it down and collect ideas for the people I care about. Then when gift time comes around I can just pick something.

@martaparta My wife is an amazing gift giver. She’s probably the most thoughtful considerate person I know. Often to her own detriment. And it makes me feel like a garbage husband when I can’t even execute on getting her one thing for her birthday. Now with my lists I often can’t decide and end up spending a fortune by getting her everything I can think of. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there’s no winning with gift giving for me

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