it me 

anyways, my hair is orange, here is me on a day (yesterday) that i was feeling cute and hipster skater girl-y

Ec, it me 

I feel so photogenic in this photo, like it could be a professional headshot if it weren’t in a falafel shop

Made this for Instagram but thought it was worthy enough to share here 💜 Rainy day, got my feet soaked and met a cute friend.

Full body pic, no ec 

Tried on some dresses for a wedding at a vintage shop and this one made me feel like a whole dime. I can’t wear it to the wedding but I think I’m gonna go buy it in case a prince invites me to a ball or somethin

Statement of faith I have to sign to volunteer at this this camp *sweats profusely*

I like these flowers because they’re green so I almost didn’t see them, sneaky little suckers!!

Subtle promo for bae (and maybe friend attracter?) while I study at Barnes and nobles

Plant adoption 

Yesterday after reading all your plant tips I got so excited that I went my local flower shop and picked up this baby. Don’t know what it is or how much I should water it. Say hi!

currently number 1 US option, but I'm putting my own rhinestones on it

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