1/ As one of the (lol), I can’t recommend Sharon Salzberg highly enough for anyone who wants to dig deeper into Buddhism. I’ve seen her many times. She’s great for beginners because she makes the concepts and practices extremely accessible. There are lots of videos on YouTube, she has a podcast called “the Metta Hour,” and she’s written a lot of books. Her book “Faith” is one of my favorites and one I’ve heard her recommend often to people.

I love this hashtag. for life. Actually...non attachment. for now but when it leaves let it pass.

@maryg987 I was a fan, as well, but I don't use iTunes to listen to my podcasts, so maybe I don't count...? 😬

@WolfDreamer I’m in the same boat - I hated the new version Apple rolled out a year-ish ago. I use Overcast, but don’t love it. What do you use and do you like it?

@mike - I don’t know how the process works, do you get download info on non-iTunes downloads?

@maryg987 I use Podcast Player on Android. It's simple and up-to-date.

I use Pocketcast on Android so I wouldn't count as an iTunes subscriber. Maybe the lesson is that Apple users don't like the Buddhist series? Of course I'm kidding 😀

@shawn @WolfDreamer @maryg987 I also use Pocketcast for Android, listened to and enjoyed the Buddhist episodes.

@maryg987 I haven't read Sharon Salzberg, but loved a book by Sylvia Boorstein. Are you familiar with her?

Hi @TrelaH - a little bit. She and Sharon have done workshops together, but I’ve never seen Sylvia.

@maryg987 I’m another one of the . I studied under a Tibetan Lama. He told me that I couldn’t take refuge under him if I believed in a God, so I started looking at other aspects of Buddhism via the Love Serve Remember network like you did. I really like Lama Surya Das as well. His podcast is very insightful to the Dharma.

@justincalebbryant Lama Surya Das is great. There are a lot of great teachers. After the Sharon recommendation, I just picked a few who immediately came to mind.

@maryg987 weird question, but do you happen to head over the Ram Dass Fellowship?

@justincalebbryant - it’s not a weird question. That’s me! :)

@maryg987 I thought so! I’m over the Charleston Satsang. I had no idea that you were a Liturgists! How cool!

@maryg987 I loved the Buddhist episodes too! 😂 I’ll add this book to my list.

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