About to sit down to some board games with the fam. What's your Friday night look like?

@Megra3 Nice! Are we talking some new Mario action or the classics? I payed some Smash Bros. with our girls recently, and it was simultaneously loads of fun, because our kids are awesome, but also made me feel incredibly old, because video games absolutely do that to me now.

@mattlaff we just got the new Super Mario Deluxe for Switch. It’s been fun and more like the old games!

@Megra3 You know, I've heard that. Kinda makes me want to try them out, but... not enough to divert money from our board game budget :)

@Chuck Ha! I hope you enjoy the heck out of that clean house tomorrow! I know I live finally having a house people *want* to come visit & hang out, but the cleaning is basically a necessary evil.

@mattlaff surviving, since everyone seems to be at some stage of recovering from sickness or starting to be sick 😷

@leandrabeing Aw, that stinks, but you can do it! We've been dealing with a little of the same, but most of it has been pretty mild, so I think we got lucky this time around.

@mattlaff third time through! My wife and I watched the bowling night episode.

@alawmandese Very impressive! We've seen it all just once; might have to do it again before too long!

@mattlaff Not relevant to the question, but rather to the GIF:

Found these babies at a 99 cent store around the holidays.

@mattlaff Meeting a friend for dinner and then getting boba with my roommate 😋

@mattlaff What are your go to games? Seven Wonders is one of my favorites.

@Batmelek Castles of Burgundy is my very favorite, but generally we play slightly lighter fare. 7 Wonders is such a great game. We play a lot of Las Vegas, Gloomhaven, Sagrada, Kingdomino, Codenames, etc.

@mattlaff I’ve never heard of Castles of Burgundy—I’ll have to check it out! And yes, 7 Wonders is a bit complicated for younger ones. Cool beans—nice to meet a fellow tabletop enthusiast!

@Batmelek It's a bit heavier than 7W, but it's totally worth it (at least in my opinion, obviously). Not sure you can find a better euro game!

@Batmelek I'm enjoying finding fellow board gamers here, too; it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm always glad not to be the only one! :)

Tabletop games 

Tabletop games 

@mattlaff @Batmelek board games FTW!!!

We have a fair amount of closet space dedicated to games 😁

@roberttheiv @mattlaff Nice! My husband and I refer to Tokaido as competitive vacationing. 😆

@ethank @roberttheiv @mattlaff I’ve heard of Small World but haven’t played it. What’s Betrayal like?

@Batmelek @ethank @mattlaff betrayal is exploring a haunted house, finding creepy things... and halfway through “the haunt” happens and someone “betrays” the group. There a lot of different types of betrayals that are chosen semi randomly. At that point the rules change and people start dying most of the time.

@roberttheiv @mattlaff @Batmelek nice! I love me some Ascension. We have a fair amount of games but keep coming back to the deck builders. Anyone tried DC deck builder or Seasons?

@Joy_concepcion @mattlaff @Batmelek I love deck builders. Ascension is 👍 - I’m not really up on all the best deck builders though.

@mattlaff we had a great weight with our grown kids one of which is a homebrewer in school to become a brewmaster, he is passionate and we imbibe. My daughter in law is in transition and figuring out the next step grad school or not. So a simple fun night with warm blankets beer and curry.

@jonrwillms Sounds like a great time; sometimes those simple nights of togetherness are just the best!

@mattlaff although be bought the game when before my 5 year old was born, we are just now getting into mice and mystics. So excited, 5 years in the planning!

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