Anybody else really digging the Liturgists Discourse community? The flat threading is taking me a while to get used to, but having conversations broken up by subject and topic is pretty great, and so far, it feels like Discourse & Mastodon should complement each other nicely. Well done, @mike.

@mattlaff @mike I definitely am. I have hit my post limit already :) Guess that means I am a spammer. But more likely, I am bored on a Sunday alone in my house...

@JustinM @mattlaff I just bumped you up a trust level. You can post again. :)

@mike Thanks! I am pumped that you can save drafts in there too! So I didn't lose anything.

@JustinM @mike Okay, I haven't noticed the drafts. I've only used the mobile interface so far, though, so maybe I'm just missing it?

@mattlaff The threading is definitely an adjustment, but people seem to be taking to it. I’ve got high hopes for this one.

@mike It's definitely not what social media sites have trained me to expect, but that's probably good. It's refreshing to have to think differently about the conversations I'm encountering, and I imagine it'll nudge me to engage with a slightly different purposefulness.

@mattlaff @mike I am SO IN LOVE 100%. Brings me back to my days on forums where I got my first taste of “people like me exist oh my goodness!”

@mattlaff @mike I spent some time on there yesterday. It looks good. I'm not super fast at learning new platforms, but it seems like it will be a better place to have meaningful conversation.

@TrelaH @mike I think both have their advantages. Mastodon is definitely better for free-form style discussion, which, where Discourse will tend toward focused conversations.

I'll admit I haven't yet fully internalized the style & benefits of flat threading, but so far, I'm simply enjoying the fact that both spaces exist.

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