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Hello lovely people of . Grew up with Mennonites in who were trying hard to be evangelical. Rejected that, went full hedonism, had a “conversion” and have been deconstructing since before it was cool. 😂

Today I’d identify as someone suspicious of identities. I preach sometimes but don’t attend a church. Currently interested (well, obsessed, I’m a 5w4) in René Girard, and contemplative practices.

I’m the web/tech guy for a new podcast, The Ferment

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Shoutout to all my people who are alienated from their moms on this mother’s day. I see you. I’m with you. You’re doing your best. Let go of the shame telling you that you’re a bad person just because you had no other choice.

Tuesday morning journal thoughts:

Mysticism is a form of empiricism. Both are about paying particular attention to experience and overcoming our default stories; seeing beyond our biases that try to conform reality to our expectations. Instead, we sit with our experience, trying to understand it on its own wild terms.

One of the interesting experiences I’m having as I approach 40 is that I look at people who I feel to be quite a bit older than me and then I look a little closer and realize we’re probably actually about the same age.

Just one of so many ways that our self-image is so often disconnected from reality.

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I was sitting in my front porch while a big group of people walked by carrying a cross down the sidewalk of my poor, inner city neighbourhood. Mostly white people in a neighbourhood that is mostly not white people.

It didn’t feel good.

Just made my 4 year old mad by telling him that superheroes like batman and spiderman aren’t real ama

I’ve been locked in a battle with city property inspectors since last summer. The usual power-tripping bullshit.

Today I won.

From Martin Laird’s “An Ocean of Light,” his third book on contemplative prayer.

If you have not heard of Laird, then this is my gift to you today. His learned teaching on contemplation is beyond words.

Today, listen to how you talk to yourself.

I just made a small, inconsequential mistake and heard myself calling myself “dummy” with surprising venom.

I would never say that to someone else. And mindfulness and therapy have helped me to notice when I do this to myself, and extend compassion instead.

We are better than the chorus of condemnation screeching in our minds.

I was one of the - I even listened to the Bushi episode twice because it was such a good bridge between my Christian background and Bushi’s own Buddhist reflections.

But I will say that there was a point not that long ago where I would have rolled my eyes at the title and not listened.

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Anybody been listening to Richard Rohr’s new “Another Name for Every Thing” podcast? It’s a companion to his new book, “The Universal Christ"

Anybody been listening to Richard Rohr’s new “Another Name for Every Thing” podcast? It’s a companion to his new book, “The Universal Christ"

My four year old and I have started communicating via emoji triads while I’ve been on this work trip.

Do you represent Enneagram numbers in writing as a numeral or a word? This is of course a very Five/5 question to ask!

I overall prefer to render it as a word, like “Five.” Not entirely sure why. And now I’m trying hard to talking myself out of sending this. Send toot.

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Those of us white, cis, hetero... What are some podcasts you listen to that give you other perspectives of the world/spirituality/art? I try to be very conscious of the voices I'm letting influence me, but my podcast list is still 65% white and 35% black. I definitely lack any lgbtq voices, latinx, or indigenous. So any recommendations would be welcomed!

Hey socially awkward types, do these networking tips help? 😂

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