Today’s fresh out of the oven. Can hear it crackling as I post this.

(The less glamorous side of things is that I think I’ve trashed my home oven’s thermostat through high temp baking.)

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@mike it occurred to me at this point to wonder whether Mastodon stripped possibly identifiable photo metadata that our phones love to add, and it appears that it does. So far, so good for privacy considerations.

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@andrewmurray86 ah nice, I bake two loaves about every 5-6 days. Freeze the second loaf, reheat when needed. Although I also try to give the second loaf away. Haven’t in a while.

@mattwiebe Beautiful loaf! Can you add a crumb pic when you cut it open? I've also got the Tartine book and have been making some loaves! Haven't gotten it down to a habit I do each week yet though.

@mattwiebe lol lol lol I’m so sorry about this tweet. It was after two glasses of wine 🤦🏻‍♀️buuuut I wanted to say I need help making my own sourdough starter! It seems intimidating!!

@Bonnie haha wasn’t sure what to do with it but it was amusing :)

As for a starter, the easiest method is to go to your nearest bakery and ask for a bit of theirs. Almost any will do it.

If you need/want to make your own starter, this should walk you through it.

@mattwiebe lol so sorry!! Hahah oh nice ok I’m doing that! I would do my own but I’m afraid all bread flour is t created equal and so I don’t know where to begin.

@Bonnie ha no worries at all - it is true that not all bread flour is created equal but it also doesn’t matter that much when you’re just starting out. You do want bread flour if possible over all-purpose, and organic if you can get it but honestly those are just ways to improve the end result, not a requirement. That’s really true of the whole process: tons of ways to improve, but it’s really very difficult to do anything that is a true “failure.”

@Bonnie I would suggest that you buy the Tartine book, it was specifically made to help home bakers make excellent sourdough.

You can also just look for videos referencing “Tartine” on youtube, some helpful stuff there. But the book is good for understanding the science and art of fermentation and how to troubleshoot when you get unexpected results (see, not mistakes, I’ll just channel Bob Ross and call them happy accidents).

@mattwiebe thank you!!!! I see a little tree that lives there...

@mattwiebe (FYI I’m not tipsy now. That was an obscure Ross reference. 😂)

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