From Martin Laird’s “An Ocean of Light,” his third book on contemplative prayer.

If you have not heard of Laird, then this is my gift to you today. His learned teaching on contemplation is beyond words.

@mattwiebe thanks for sharing. This made me think of this video that I saw last night. Not necessarily talking about the true or false self but rather acknowledging what we already have.

@shawn Yes, that’s it! There’s nothing to go after, the work is in seeing what’s already here, what we already have received.

@mattwiebe This is very timely, thank you for sharing. I was just introduced to Martin's viewpoints on the 'Encountering Silence' podcast. I found his voice useful in examining the depth of contemplation, or lack-thereof, when that contemplation isn't grounded in a deeper spiritual context. It was very helpful to me.

@mattwiebe Absolutely. I find the hosts have a nice balance of questioning and listening, with the majority of it being listening. It can be a nice soothing listen with good content.

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