Hearing an Aussie accent on Episode 100 gave me a warm fuzzy feeling

Lost Connections by Johann Hari. Best book I’ve ever come across that not only explains all the possible causes of depression and anxiety today (backed by scientific studies), but also provides some solid answers about what we can do to help ourselves and others in pain.

If I had a dollar for every time I had an existential crisis it wouldn’t matter because currency is a social construct

Are you in Melbourne, Australia? Some of us are meeting up this Sunday. Shout out if you want to join us. :)

‘It is that tingle up your spine after you’ve had a much needed pee’ ...be right back

@vishnu Chapter 27. the metaphor of learning the basics of music in order to improvise on stage, works perfectly when applied to learning the basics of oil painting in order to get closer to true self expression through the medium. I am on that path and in many ways it feels like my awakening. Thank you 🙏

Why oh why couldn’t Jesus have just been a woman?! How different would our history and present day be!

When playing Civ6 and you’re asked to create your own religion.

Hi lit fam, I am struggling today.
It’s taken me a long time to understand that constantly pushing and striving isn’t healthy. That I need to listen to my body and to my soul and not get hung up on progress and achievements. BUT how do I let go of the overwhelming feeling of worthlessness and shame when I don’t get all the things I want done? I am perusing something that will eventually pay off sometime, but the daily grind is getting me down. Any advice on how to stay motivated and balanced?

When I was a child I used to close my eyes and repeat the word “i” while trying to really feel ‘myself’ until it freaked me out... now it just calms me down and fills me with awe.✨

The other day at Costco my ‘christian’ mum didn’t buy an outfit for my niece that had rainbows on it because she said ‘they ruined rainbows for me’... oh mum :(

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