Monday musings regarding deconstruction and reconstruction :
When one feels like the beliefs they once held still haunt them and condemn them, what does one do to feel free of this? These thoughts often give me anxiety and can sometimes feel me with shame. I want to feel more free and less anxious but so much of what I believed is so deeply engrained it feels impossible to escape, especially with all my family so deeply grieving and crazy worried about me!!!!!
Has anyone experienced this?

@mike @vishnu bought my ticket for tabs and wafers boulder ....I’ll be at the q and a! Really looking forward to it!

I’m coming in from Austin for the Boulder Tabs and Wafers and looking for a place to stay...before I try Airbnb I was going to see if I could pay anyone to stay on their couch! Just trying to save a little money!

I know a lot of people in Austin and the Texas area connect a lot on Facebook but I’m not on Facebook I’d love to connect more with people in the area on here and maybe even plan a get together!

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👋🏼new here...still figuring it all out! Any austinites on here??

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