@melissarsummers nice to meet you! a gay former husband - what was that like for you as he came out?

I'm bold and to the point, sorry about that. sounds like an interesting experience if you'd care to share?

@melissarsummers I didn't want to make this about me or him. but it explains why I was so interested in your tags and your experience with this situation.

i'm glad that you're both in a better place now. breathe easy and free :)

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@markjperkins I hope your friend is doing ok.....my former husband was suicidal...almost lost him twice.

I have no idea honestly. Maybe he is straight and was mistaken about his identity all along. I hope so too!

Very glad your ex is doing better now. I don't wish that experience on anyone. Your story gives me hope though that it can work out in the end

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