So I am really upset about many of dysfunctionalities in the current political climate.

When trump was first elected, I wrote “resistance postcards”. About 300 in the first 100 days. I found I couldn’t keep up that level as it was too depressing.

I’ve participated in some one time protests since then, however none of it feels like enough.

What do you all do to help bend the arc of justice to make the world a better place?


I am a member of a justice- oriented church and that helps feed my soul and keep me going. It’s just hard as the work is long and the wins seem so far apart.

@danielmrose I also engage in dialogue work. However I often feel I’m talking with people who think like me. We do challenge each other, and it feels personally impactful, but it doesn’t feel like action so much.

Maybe patience is what I need to practice. But it is so easy to talk and not so easy to do ... (or wait)

@mhbert for sure. My conversations are with people who very much do not agree with me.

Patience is very hard though.

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