Any other current/former worship musicians still playing in church? It’s a far out trip, right? It’s not so bad until sermon time. I can interpret a lot of the song lyrics in a way that I can still feel good singing along. But when the preaching starts.. that’s when it gets awkward for me.


@AndrewBrooks I actually just left my worship job (6 years) and church (9 years). I had been putting it off for so long because I didn’t feel qualified to do much else as a job, and I didn’t know where to go. But yes, while I was there, the sermon time was always the most uncomfortable part, especially when I had to run FOH audio 😒

@micahrisinger same. I was technical director and worship leader of a church and often would be running FOH. So I had to hear the whole sermon four times for all the services.

@micahrisinger curious as to what you do now for work. If you don't mind sharing. I'm stepping down as a full time worship leader soon and have some things lined up, but feel the same way about quifications.

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