@mike I hope to find people who are struggling with questions I haven’t even thought to ask myself yet. I hope to find spiritual growth that I’ve been missing in a very comfortable and placid faith life.

@mike How to engage people on this platform.

Is it decentralized? or, something close?

@johnloppnow @mike Yes, Mastodon is decentralized. Think of it as a bunch of small twitter communities that can connect to each other; you have more control over how your community runs, but still have the ability to interact with anyone in the Mastodon-verse. It's a little more complicated to use, but so far I'd say it's worth the extra investment.

You can check out the and hashtags, and look at your local timeline to start finding people to follow.

@mike Friends. Companionship. Possibly plan in person meetups. Good conversations.

@mike not sure. Hopefully some thoughtful discussions, humor, connection. Overall, an alternative to the social media that has become so toxic for me and manipulated by algorithms

@mike honestly just a well-functioning online environment where this community hangs out. Hopefully one space to rule them all to arrange local meetups as well, I can tell others are struggling to know how to keep up between precious platforms. I get the concerns and wanting to find the best, but time to build momentum and consistency would be awesome too.

@mike by "others" I mean other liturgists in the Houston area who typically show interest in meetups.

@mike Commonality, community. My girlfriend (soon-to-be fiancee) and I both work at a large Presbyterian Church in Seattle; I am the high school intern and am deeply invested in sharing love and shalom with the kids. At the same time, a lot of my unbeliefs would be very alarming to many of the congregants. I'd love to find community where I can just be.

I am very fond of extended online conversations, and am hoping for some of those. :)


@Micke I don't know what specifically you're yassssssing to, but I'm here for it! Right back at you! 😄

@mike Friends, diverse beliefs/backgrounds to learn from, and inspiration to pursue

Maybe the occasional cat video 🐱

@mike I hope to find community. I’m part of a few liturgist groups on Facebook and I’ve enjoyed getting to meet others. I’m also intrigued by Mastodon!

@mike opportunities for meaningful connection. Conversations that stretch my existing constructs. A space to authentically be me, where I and others might appreciate whatever that means. Possibilities for serving and loving other humans, and effecting positive change outside ourselves. You know...nothing big.

@mike A space to just...be. No expectations to meet, no closets in sight. No reputation to uphold or protect. No fear of living out my Truth. A space to breathe and speak and listen. Maybe that’s a tall order, but so far so good.

@mike I don’t know exactly but something different. I like how you say there are no safe spaces only Brave spaces. It’s hard to be authentic and vulnerable on social media in a way that doesn’t feel inappropriate or unsafe. I see some folks post deeply personal, traumatic things on some other groups and it concerns me for their well being. So I guess I am hoping for a Brave space that honors each other and builds up rather than exploits.

@mike somewhere to connect with people, be myself, grow, learn, and continue my cycle deconstruction and reconstruction in community.

@mike I don’t know enough about how this platform works yet, but if it lends itself easily to book discussions / reader reviews I would be v excited.

@mike to find challenging conversation in a supportive environment that I have not found in brick and mortar forms of thought exchange

@mike — connection with people I don’t get to connect with in person everyday, and a deeper connection to those whom I do

@mike 100% agree with everybody that's said community so far. I know that a lot of us feel spiritually homeless and are trying so hard to find people that get what it's like to feel like outsiders who don't fit neatly into any particular worldview.

I think it would be really cool to organize group hangs through this platform somehow. It would also be great to have open discussion forums to share experiences and opinions.

@mike space...to be, to exist intellectually and emotionally, bravely and...to be vulnerable hopefully.

@mike I hope to find community sharing in peace, love, support for one another, and thought-provoking, life-giving insights.

@mike resources, love, community, cat pics. (And dog pics.)

@mike the two things I’ve appreciated most about the FB Liturgists group is being able to hear people’s stories and offer acceptance and encouragement to them as well as the ease of joining sub groups and arranging/participating in meetups.

I can see that the first thing will happen on this platform much the same way. I’m not clear on how the get-together aspect will be accomplished here.

We have a SD-Temecula-Riverside Liturgists party tomorrow night all because of Facebook connection.

@mike looking for ways to meet and connect with strangers instead of finding reasons to dislike my friends (i.e., what's happening on Facebook)

@adamewoods Hi Adam. I’m also an adoptive parent. Our two girls are bio sisters and came from our local foster care system. They were 4 and 3 when we met them. In Feb, they will have been with us for 10 yrs. it’s been the hardest thing in our lives ever. There have been several times I felt so overwhelmed that I thought I could not continue. About the only thing that kept me going was a feeling that my absence would make things worse for my wife.

Sorry if that’s too heavy for first connect.

My preference at the moment is carbon based lifeforms, but I am willing to expand my horizons. Lovely humans full of love and light sounds good to me.

@mike some rest from Twitter when I need it. Climate change & justice activism pretty much require I use Twitter, but need breaks & assumption of good intentions sometimes.

@mike My answer to your would be that I hope to find here a respectful, diverse community where I can gain new perspectives and hear others' stories while simultaneously avoiding the toxicity of Facebook (which is often filled with passive-aggressive posts directed at me and my atheism from my evangelical family). I'm ready for some more mature, thought-provoking discussions instead of petty passive-aggressiveness and hateful political posts!

@mike I hope to find a community where seekers meet to find a new kind of truth.
Something that transcends the tribalism that saturates my Facebook feed and restores the broken pieces of me left over from culty church trauma.

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