We've got quite a growing number of people here--almost 500 now. Make sure you look at the Local Timeline to see who is here, follow some folks, and give an .

For those who want a hybrid public/private conversation, following all the active users here and then setting toots to followers only seems close-ish.

@mike How does that followers-only bit affect the local timeline (if at all)? I'm not following everybody (at least not yet) but I'm rather enjoying the balance of just my follows in the Home tab and the whole Liturgists Mastodon crew in the local timeline.

@mattlaff Not much if your mutual follow circle is big enough.

@mike Might be good to remind people that anyone following this method should have their profiles set to be listed in the directory to avoid invisibility (unless that's what they're going for, I guess).

@mike can you explain how to look at the local timeline, I'm really struggling with the UX of this platform. I've got Home and I've got Notifications but I can't find any local. When I search for instances or even threads I don't get much. I'm having to find someone who has a thread in order to access it. Perhaps I'm just stuck in my slack ways of thinking but that platform makes so much more sense to me than this. What am I doing wrong.

@nathanaelfilbert Are you on the web UI? If so, it's on the right-most panel.

@mike AH! I had to hit back a whole bunch and then I saw it. Ok Ill keep working on this. There are a lot of people unrelated to the liturgists it seems who are in my Home feed. Is there a way to keep that to just this community and then keep my local thread to just the folks I'm following or not so much?

@nathanaelfilbert Home feed should only be people you follow--which is different than the Federated feed. Lots and lots of feeds here. :)

@mike thank you for helping those of us (me) who are slow on the learning curve here!

@sarahwright glad you’re here! I’m figuring stuff out (my 7-ness has been super happy this week) if you need help let me know. @mike

@danielmrose thank you so so much. I'm already loving the vibe on here.

@mike hi, there! You can also push your admin side a bit further and switch to the glitch fork. They have local-only public toots! :_catsleep:

@mike some of us are still trying to figure it out. We may not know who we are sending toots. 🤪

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