For those asking for Hogwarts House crest custom emojis: We have them now. :Gryffindor: :Hufflepuff: :Ravenclaw: :Slytherin:

Also, as you can see from those crests, simple graphics will work much better at such a tiny size.

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@mike 😍 what about specific ones? Similar to the shirts y'all did a while ago?

@sarahwright @mike for these we’ll need one for those of us who are panenneagram too ☺️

@mike I could really use a squatch emoji to represent myself better than a tag ever could.

@hyperobject @mike @kristin
Thank you all!! :asexual_sparkle_heart: :asexual_flag: I almost cried when I saw the sparkle one today!!

@mike wait... has no one asked for an earth sandwich emoji yet? I have to believe I just haven’t seen the request...

@Usernamesaredifficult @mike I’m afraid that I’m not going to be able to make the trip to one of the concerts, but I so badly want an Earth Sandwich t-shirt!! Anyone going to a show that could pick up one for me??? (I’m a size medium) 😂

@mike If it's not difficult, could you add a sports logo for MY Philadelphia Eagles. And I don't mean difficult in a technical sense, but like, difficult in that it would cause you dire existential dread to add a sports logo as an emoji to your federation 😁

@matt_shaffer I think if I do that, people are going to want ALL the sports logos.

Totally fair, and there are a lot of them. What if we only allow birds? And then it can also be avian appreciation.

@mike I feel that we need a llama emoji and a hug emoji that isn’t smiling. Cuz...when someone needs a hug, often it’s about tears not smiles? And cuz...llamas, duh.
Also I can’t figure out how to work this thing so I have no idea how to include everyone else here ☺️

@mike Those crests are pretty radical! Thanks for opening yet another space for honest dialogue, this time with data freedom!

These are STUNNING. And I'm so behind Enneagram ones!

@mike if only these could be added to our usernames... oh well 😅

@Chuck They can be! Just type a colon, the house name, and another colon in your username wherever you want the crest to appear.

@mike oh! Tootdon might not be able to show it, for some reason

@mike no luck. Oh well. Might just have to switch over to mast

@mike I mean is it a social media platform if there’s no troll emoji (this is where previously stated emoji would be)?

Too bad the custom emojis are server specific.

Btw I've done one of those sorting hat sites (might even have been Pottermore) and Gryffindor just inches over Hufflepuff with one point. But coming to terms and after having read what the differences are between the houses, I think the Hufflepuff should've been the house for me. So when people ask I say I'm house Hufflepuff, and proud of it 😎

@RyuKurisu @mike
Hello, thankfully even though custom emoji begin in one place, when you post with them the emoji travels with the post across the entire fediverse. So we can all enjoy your house pride. Hope that helps. :)

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