If you've been here a while and feel like helping out, look for posts without any replies in the local feed, and offer a reply of some kind. I want us to create an intentionally supportive community.

@mike I also noticed that seeing whether posts have replies depends on your client.

Web: 0, 1, 1+
Toot!: somewhat overwhelming detail, but I like data, and rainbows
Amaroq: nothing

@brettdh @mike Installed toot (iOS), works for me for now, can see replies, and can reply (doing so now). My first public toot (of a sort) - can’t believe I’m about to post that.

@brettdh @mike I didn’t even think about trying some of the other options till you mentioned this. Thanks

☺️ @mike this makes my heart so happy. and like actually tears welling up in all the good feels ways.

@sarahwright @mike dude. I literally teared up at this too? Just a practical tip, with only the slightest hint of actual human altruism behind it. And yet. 😭 can all humans think like this??

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