My life is really stressful right now, both personally and professionally. Even with that, I still feel tremendous relief to be off of corporate social media. I didn’t realize how much algorithmic news feeds were driving me to experience anxiety.

Chronological feed presentation really is one of the best ways to do social media. It helps break the compulsive behavioral loops.

@mike It's like TV without all of the commercials. Which is how I've watched TV since Star Trek: TNG. Doesn't stop me from binging Netflix, though. 😏😉

@mike I’m loving the platform. And tooting. Thanks for getting the word out, Mike.

@mike As a freelancer whose ability to make money pretty heavily relies on my social media presence, I'm really interested to hear your thoughts on how this new social-media-free project affects your work as you continue it! I've been working to get my own time online down to the bare minimum but it still feels like a lot, looking forward to hearing all the new solutions you find.

@frankiedoodledandy the next time I have to sell tickets to something will be a major indicator.

@mike does it not bother you that it is reverse chronological? I fight through it. But I find myself getting pulled into a story just to realize I missed the first 3 parts!

Having never looked at Twitter, is it not chronological?

@Joy_concepcion Not now. Once upon a time, it was reverse chronological, like here.

@mike Also been thinking this for years (noticed the algorithms), felt a lot like Chicken Little. Thank you for suggesting Mastadon. This feels as fun as when someone original introduced me to Twitter (and it was still chronological).

@mike Curious to hear more on how that works... since my experience has been the opposite?
Purely chronological means I (feel like I) have to *constantly* be present to keep up....

@mike I'll have you know my compulsive behavioral loops are doing just fine thank you very much! 😆

@mike Welcome. Have a seat. Can I interest you in the relaxing trend of ?

@mike I agree! Thank you so much for helping to redirect us to a better, more inclusive and stress free social media. This community has literally changed my life in just two days since I joined. I can’t thank you enough for just being who you are and helping others in this time of chaos. I hope your personal and work life start to ease up soon my friend. We are all ready for your new book, but I hope you can find some peace and take some time to rest between writing. Much love!

@mike I hear you.

How have you dealt with people saying “but how will I contact you, everyone is on fb and insta, blah blah blah”?

I would assume you just tell them to reach out the old fashioned way if they don’t have tooting? What’s your strategy/advice?

Also can we just call this whole thing “tooting”? Because it’s super fun.

@JessicaDayle All my Twitter favs have my cell number, and I've started to communicate more that way.

@mike sorry things are so stressful. 😢❤️

Sorry to hear about your stress levels! For what it's worth, I'm praying for you and I'm quite sure that there are members of this community who would be willing to step in and help in any way possible!

@mike I’m so thankful you have brought the truth about the dark underbelly of the corporate social media platforms. I am pretty stressed raising two young kiddos while balancing working for myself. This space is a breath of fresh air where I am experiencing the same joy I felt on Twitter during the early days before the algorithms took control. Glad to have a space to connect with the liturgists without all the endless messages fighting for my time and filling up my headspace. 🙏

@mike I'm right there with ya! I couldn't look at Facebook any longer without getting angry. I felt like I was constantly curating my newsfeed to avoid the junk I didn't want to see, only to end up seeing more of it.

@mike yes. This. Having been here a few days now I’ve noticed this more on Twitter.

It’s so damn angry and divisive over there. I don’t need it.

@mike same here, it's nice to be on a platform that is just people 😁

@mike From listening to the podcasts, I know you've gone through a LOT in the past few years. I am hoping to meet you at an upcoming event. What's the best way to give my support and encouragement? Hug? Handshake? Just kind words? What's most helpful to you?

@mike, i'm
sorry for
the stress.
your way.

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