My life is really stressful right now, both personally and professionally. Even with that, I still feel tremendous relief to be off of corporate social media. I didn’t realize how much algorithmic news feeds were driving me to experience anxiety.


Chronological feed presentation really is one of the best ways to do social media. It helps break the compulsive behavioral loops.

@mike It's like TV without all of the commercials. Which is how I've watched TV since Star Trek: TNG. Doesn't stop me from binging Netflix, though. 😏😉

@mike I’m loving the platform. And tooting. Thanks for getting the word out, Mike.

@mike As a freelancer whose ability to make money pretty heavily relies on my social media presence, I'm really interested to hear your thoughts on how this new social-media-free project affects your work as you continue it! I've been working to get my own time online down to the bare minimum but it still feels like a lot, looking forward to hearing all the new solutions you find.

@frankiedoodledandy the next time I have to sell tickets to something will be a major indicator.

@mike does it not bother you that it is reverse chronological? I fight through it. But I find myself getting pulled into a story just to realize I missed the first 3 parts!

Having never looked at Twitter, is it not chronological?

@Joy_concepcion Not now. Once upon a time, it was reverse chronological, like here.

@mike Also been thinking this for years (noticed the algorithms), felt a lot like Chicken Little. Thank you for suggesting Mastadon. This feels as fun as when someone original introduced me to Twitter (and it was still chronological).

@mike Curious to hear more on how that works... since my experience has been the opposite?
Purely chronological means I (feel like I) have to *constantly* be present to keep up....

@mike I'll have you know my compulsive behavioral loops are doing just fine thank you very much! 😆

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