I've had a terrible headache for more than 10 days--it wakes me up at night, and is there in the morning. I've tried everything: cutting caffeine, OTC meds, prescription migraine meds, and nothing had any effect.

Last night, I ate one low does cannabis edible before bed. This morning, my head is clear and pain free.


@mike Woah there cowboy, you're gonna corrupt the youth! 🤠

@mike If I don't use cannabis before bed, I don't sleep very well and I wake up with a headache. It's ridiculous that we are still fighting for legalization.

Glad you feel better, man!

@mike dude. It’s the only way I can sleep at night and survive during the day. For real. Low dosage. Keeps anxiety and pain at bay..... and I can remain moving thru my day at a high capacity. Move to Canada bro.

@DrewBrown It's available on basically every street corner in California. :)

@mike thank goodness. cause man the war on Cannabis needs to end.

@DrewBrown what are your methods for getting a proper and consistent low dose?

@timothyallen find the right strains with low levels of THC and high levels of CBD. That’s key for me.

@mike As I'm reading this, I was wondering...cannabis. And tada there it is haha

@mike Do you typically use low dose THC only, or 1:1 THC:CBD?

@mike headaches suck. Sorry friend. 😢 glad you finally were able to kick it. 💗

@mike Because Nixon found a brilliant way to repress black people and hippies and other people he found troublesome, and when something is so useful at oppressing troublesome people, the powers that be won't change that. Irony of ironies, the farm bill passed during this admin has finally eased access to CBD by legalizing hemp. Now, south GA church ladies are buying CBD oil by the gallons. Strange days, indeed.

@mike Wow. I don't understand it either. So glad you found something that helps.

@mike Glad you're feeling better, and YAY!! for a natural remedy that works!

@mike agree. It’s coming closer to being legalised in the UK but will still take time sadly. They only just made medical cannabis legal for some epilepsy treatment and that after a major court case. But it’s on the radar of some major parties now. I may take a low cannabis edible if I ever come to LA. That might be soon.....

@mike come on up to Canada! It’s legalized nationwide as of July 2018b

@mike do you have any good studies/stories about cannabis and autism?

@mike I’m sorry about your migraines. They are awful.

Medical marijuana has been a game changer for me and migraines. I have one kidney so I’m not supposed to take NSAIDs, and finding something for migraines has been a process.

Somehow the federal government has no problem with me being prescribed OPIATES AND BARBITURATES for chronic pain, but weed is illegal and can’t be researched. It’s insane.

@mike you need to move to Canada. I've had a script for medical cannabis for 2 years. I am using extracts buffered in coconut oil. I've been luck enough to have THC only, different ratios of THC to CBD, and CBD only drops. Administering them with a eyedropper that has a measurement on it has been a dream for reproducible results.

Hopefully they legalize it soon for you.

@mike *like* (really wish there was a like button.... observer here😆)

@ShaneRiddle I think a lot of us use the "favorite" ⭐ for that purpose.

@mike because we don’t fucking learn anything.

@mike I struggled with nerve pain in December and the only thing that got me back on my feet was CBD oil, and the results were instant.

@mike so many people unnecessarily behind bars or dead because of this drug, along with others.. :(

@mike Just listened to The Alien and the Robot. Here's another reason. Our culture has a taboo against doing anything strictly for pleasure, so people have been shamed about using and shamed for advocating changing the law until there was a medical use. I agree with what you said re: taboo. "It's time to let that shit go."

@mike i sense a liturgists episode on cannabis !? in which all hosts discuss the scientific merit of marijuana and then imbibe whilst recording.

this idea is free and i will not charge you or report you to federal officials.

@kellyarndt @mike like the Drunk History show. Call it High History. Better yet call it High Church History.

@mike have you heard about the old documentary entitled "Reefer madness"?

California, where my therapist and my dispensary are literally across the street from each other, and my psychiatrist asks me to let her know if/when I want to try psychoactive substances, so we can deal with serotonin syndrome.

@mike you gotta come through BC and chill brother!

@mike Because you don’t live in Canada brother. Long live Justin Trudeau. You can always come live here and do your podcasts.

@mike ty for powering through and being a part of CC — my brain is still cogitating on the diagram you shared about emotions.

Glad edible helped.

As a co-participant at last week's epic , I also really appreciated your commitment despite the pain. Felt bad for you being knocked out of commission on Sat. evening, but glad you finally overcame... with a little assist. 😈🥗

@mike Last year I discovered very low dose (5mg) mints. They're fantastic to keep around for all sorts of uses including anxiety triggers.

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