@cmr @mike Here in South Canada (Minnesota) we’ve gotten roughly 2.5 feet in the last three weeks. It’s been a horrible few weeks

@Altruisticblack heyo! i'm in rochester, so i'm familiar with the snowpocalypse. where in minnesota are you at?

@cmr I’m living in Eden Prairie at the moment, overall the worst thing about all of this is that we’re supposed to get even more this weekend after already breaking the February record yesterday (that and adding the customary grumble about how people forget how to drive the second snow huts the ground).
You guys got hit the worst down there didn’t you?

@Altruisticblack we're in about the same boat. last week we were ten inches over the winter average... woof.

@Abbie that gif is a throwback to the february @mike was in mn. "is it ok to leave my luggage in the car? will it be ok? it's not going to freeze too much?"

@mike at least now you’re ready, with gloves and poofy coat. You’re welcome.

Writing retreat in Big Bear this week. I am literally snowed in. Good for inspiration and writing (and listening to Ask Science Mike podcast start to finish). Thanks for keeping me company.

@mike It snowed in L.A. a lifetime ago, when I was a kid practicing duck and cover drills beneath my school desk. Seems they're starting those school drills again.

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